You Don’t Know Everything…Sorry.

The best advice I can give any business owner (and people in general) is to always have a learning mindset. It’s a common problem to get too comfortable in your own knowledge and miss out on valuable opportunities to learn something new. The great news is that you don’t even have to go out looking for something to learn, although that’s always a good practice. The opportunities come to you every minute of every day. You just have to pay attention.

For instance, I was working on a project this week where the client wanted me to do some research to help advise a merger & acquisition strategy. As I reviewed the target companies it became obvious which ones were easier to understand. The best ones clearly stated not only their services, but who the services were intended to help. I got more and more annoyed with those companies where I had to search really hard to figure them out.

DUH MOMENT! My website and marketing materials do a good job explaining WHAT I do, but not WHO my target client is for my services. I immediately included that piece in and realized that now it would be much easier for clients to self-select when they are looking at potentially engaging my company.

That was one example from my own experience. Now the question to you is what do you want to learn that will help your business? How can you take everyday opportunities to evolve? What can you learn from your competitors and those companies that you admire (even outside of your industry)?

Evolution is important to success. Continuously learning is key to your business evolving and thriving.