Sick of your business? It’s okay, you’re in good company.

Day to day running a business is really hard. Most likely as a business owner you are wearing a lot of hats and also most likely you don’t enjoy (or are good at) wearing all of them. The every day grind can get you down over time, but business ownership is a marathon not a race. So using that analogy, get your power bars and hydration pack ready – let’s do this thing.

First of all, cut yourself some slack. You are doing an amazing job… GO YOU! Most people only dream of making their passions come to life and you are actually doing it. Take yourself out to lunch, take a day off, get a massage. You are awesome.

Next, make a list. I know I always say that, but they work! Make a list of what energizes you and what sucks the life out of you. This will provide you with a pretty good roadmap of where you need help and that clarity will help you invest in people, tools, etc. that will give you back time and energy which you will need to continue to run a successful business.

Lastly set goals. If you have identified some areas that are dragging you down, invest in them. Make your life easier. After awhile ignoring them or “powering through” (one of  my most hated phrases) will show negatively in your business.

Back to the analogy. Run your race. You only have one life, don’t make it harder than necessary.