Productivity And Why It’s Important

Being more productive is a good thing. Not only will it mean that you have more hours in the day, but your customers and team will be happier. What if I told you that you actually have enough time to do everything you need to do…would that sound appealing? I would guess for most business owners the answer would be, yes!

Here are a few tips to becoming more productive, so you can get back to doing what you love.

1. Set Goals: This is important both on a personal level for the business owner and a great tool to motivate teams. Goals should be attainable (but stretch), clearly defined and rewarded appropriately. It’s important to note that overall business goals are important, but individual ones are even more critical. They will allow you to reward your best employees, while also systematically addressing any issues on your team.

2. Prioritize Tasks: A good deal of time is wasted on unimportant tasks. Make a list and prioritize it for the items that really need to be completed today. Then do them. Check them off and move on. Don’t make excuses, just start at the top and move down the list. Not only will you get more things done, you will also have a sense of accomplishment that will motivate you to keep going.

3. Invest in Process Improvements: Change is hard and sometimes it’s easier just to keep doing what you are used to instead of changing a cumbersome process. However, in the long term, investing in revamping a process  (or technology) that’s not working will make the task faster and less burdensome = happier business owner and team.

Now imagine that you have done these three things. You and your team are more productive, congratulations! You now have more time to spend cultivating your existing business and bringing on new clients. At The Good Life Consulting, we have partnered with many businesses to improve productivity with excellent results. We would be happy to share case studies with you, contact us for an introductory call.