Is Your Industry Really That Different?

When I worked for American Express I commonly came across the issue of what I like to call the ‘unique snowflake syndrome’. Stay with me now, it will make sense. Generally it first showed itself  in a discussion about expanding an idea, such as “This worked really well in Canada, do you want to try it?” and the response would be, “Well, that’s interesting. But in Hong Kong things are different, it won’t work.” The syndrome appears to be an automatic (negative) response to a new idea, where the key point is that whatever the ideas is, it won’t work because they are different.

Sometimes the objection is valid. There are unique circumstances in each industry and locales that would mean a solution wouldn’t work directly out of the box. But it doesn’t mean it won’t work once it is tailored to meet individual needs.

But where it is not a valid objection is when it has to do with customers. Customers expect (and demand) that their interaction with a business is 1) Easy, 2) Pleasant, 3) Of Good Value.

Whether you are in the medical, retail, recreational, service, technology (etc.) industry – customers are  comparing you against not just your industry counterparts, but also against other industries. Do you honestly believe that a customer that takes a Lyft to your business isn’t wondering why their transaction with you is so much harder? Or that when they buy something with Amazon then take their dog into the vet, that they don’t wish the experience was just as pleasant? They don’t care. I repeat…they want every experience to be 1) Easy, 2) Pleasant, 3) Of Good Value.

Customer expectations are changing in an increasing demanding environment and that means that all businesses need to step up their game and look outside and make themselves more customer-centric. When was the last time you looked outside your business and industry to do a real assessment of what you could do better? If not recently, then you should do it now or you will be left behind.

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P.S. Personally, you are completely a unique snowflake and that is an awesome thing. 🙂