Drive Growth

There are two main drivers of growth: Revenue and Profitability. Our Business Consultants will partner with you to identify opportunities to reduce overhead expenses so that you can reinvest in products and services that will improve customer loyalty and your bottom-line.

It’s easy to grow exponentially with a new business, the bar is low. The hard part comes as your business matures and you need to continuously look for ways to optimize and evolve to meet market demands. Growing your business won’t happen overnight, it takes planning and diligence to ensure that you have a solid foundation in place. The good news is that once you do the work, the possibilities are endless.

“We had hit a plateau, and felt like we were lacking the energy and focus to take our business to another level. Enter Tina…and POOF! DONE!”

-Mitch McGinley, Owner, Happy-U Yoga Center

Happy-U Yoga Case Study

This family-owned, community-loved yoga studio was a success. The owners had created a wonderful business in a very competitive industry, but because the market was flooded with new studios offering below market introductory pricing, business had stabilized and they needed to increase sales and customer retention. They needed a new plan. One that optimized their bottom-line while differentiating them from the competition. That’s where we came in.



Business had stabilized and they needed to increase sales and customer retention.

Our Results


Memberships were up 22% year-over-year 3 months after engagement.

How We Did It


  • Clarified short, medium and long term goals.


  • Identified what differentiated their unique business in a very competitive marketplace to strengthen their brand messaging.


  • Developed new marketing campaigns to promote customer retention and new customer acquisition.


  • Identified areas to reduce operational expenses without jeopardizing quality.