Be Customer-Centric Online

Your online presence is key to attracting new customers and providing relevant information to your existing ones. Our Consultants can help ensure your user experience is best in class.

Did you know that 81% of potential customers do research online before buying? That means that having a compelling online presence that is easy to use is not a choice, it’s a necessity. One of the primary reasons that businesses don’t have great websites is because they are too close to their products and services to be objective. They speak in language the customer doesn’t understand and don’t think about how their potential customers will use the website.  Savvy business owners know that they need experts that can provide customer-centric recommendations to get the most out of their online presence.

“I would recommend Tina for any consulting work to evaluate processes and experiences. She makes excellent and executable recommendations.”

-Danielle C., Vice President – Financial Services Client

User Experience Case Study

All companies (even the big ones) know that they are too close to their own business to always know how to do the right thing for their customers. In this case, the company was looking to optimize their user experience online to truly reflect a journey that exceeded customer expectations. To their customers that meant making the interaction easy, streamlined and above all quick. By leveraging best-in-class UX design principles we were able to bring recommendations to the table that met those needs and leveraged data and competitive insights to ensure that they stayed ahead of the competition.



Internal team needed outside perspective to evolve their digital experiences and grow online sales.

Our Results


Improved customer experience metrics and increased sales.

How We Did It


  • Developed a competitive landscape that identified opportunities to improve site functionality.


  • Initiated a UX review of end-to-end customer journeys to identify gaps.


  • Improved marketing language to help customers better understand product value and the process to engage.


  • Leveraged data to support recommendations and allow tracking of success metrics.